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Welcome to my workshop

A handmade quality in the service of bikers

Today, if you have more and more trouble finding enjoyment in the machines of the big production. If you wish to finally ride a bike with character for your criteria, develop a unique look at the machine FTTM Racer will listen to you. Here we breathe with full lungs mechanics. Our workshop is not sanitized but you will be away the benefits of dealers. You have the misfortune to have someone listening to you either on the aesthetic plan or even the budget. For motorcycle Café Racer and collection of Kawasaki to Ducati from 1960 to the present, FTTM Racer will :

- Ensure mechanical maintenance
- Restore completely (upholstery, mechanical, bodywork, paint, ...)
- Improve motor cycle part
- Offer you products of quality through our online shop.

In short, I hope you enjoyed this little tour and do not hesitate to contact us to request a catalog, a tariff, a special production ... Yours